Digital printing is has exploded in the last decade offering printers (and their customers) more print production options, paving the way to new markets. Digital print solutions deliver various advantages including quick make ready for a drop on-demand printing needs, variable data capability, and increasingly excellent print quality and finishes. Digital print also provides a solution for short-run, quick turnaround work.

However, digital print can present unique challenges in the finishing department. Many manufacturers in this space use toner-based inks which can make good adhesion of laminates to the surface of the print more difficult. Further, with the quick turn requirements often associated with digital printing, there is usually a need for good productivity, and limited dwell time for the laminate to sit (which would provide time for the bond to improve) before moving to the next process in production.

Therefore, Autobond has developed the Mini 53 E SD-T. This robust industrial laminator uses 6” electrically heated laminating rollers (E) offering excellent heat capacity to improve adhesion, while also providing a very quick make ready. Critically, it has the build quality to apply tons of pressure to the sheet to ensure adhesion to the toughest digital print. Sheets coming straight off the digital press can be quickly and easily dropped onto the bottom sheet feeding, suction drum feeder (SD), which is replenished periodically throughout the run. This means the only downtime during the day is to change laminate rolls (2-5 min per change over). With productivity up to 150’ per minute, this thermal laminator (T) delivers the speed necessary for digital printers to get work out the door quickly. It also allows for adding options such as inkjet spot UV or foiling capability to run in-line with the laminator delivering greater versatility, increased efficiency, with one operator for laminating, inkjet spot UV, and digital embellishment work.

If you are a digital or half-size offset printer looking for an outstanding laminating solution contact Autobond today!