Autobond is a third-generation, family-owned engineering firm supplying the commercial print industry with an extensive range of robustly manufactured lamination machines, ink jet spot UV, and foiling machines that enhance and protect print. Our machinery is built upon three foundations:

Quality – We manufacture in Derbyshire, England, an area recognized as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Our machinery is built by skilled engineers, many of whom joined our company as apprentices. We utilize top-quality components primarily sourced in Germany. This quality in manufacturing allows our customers to produce higher quality print with a greater perceived value.

Reliability – Our machinery is designed to last 25+ years with very little down time or regular maintenance requirements, saving our customers invaluable time and financial resources.

Productivity – We manufacture machinery with exceptional productivity, that often reduce labor costs and provide a very quick return on investment.

Autobond exports our products worldwide, using an extensive network of sales and distributor partners, with service offices to support them.