Autobond supplies a range of high-quality consumable products for our printing, foiling, and lamination machinery including:

Thermal & Water-Based Films and Foils

  • Contact us to tell us about your foil printing machine, applications, and location for a recommendation on reputable suppliers in your area

Gloss Ink Jet Spot UV Varnish

  • Utilized in all Autobond ink jet spot UV printers and machinery providing excellent high gloss, exceptional clarity, easily cut, scored, folded, with outstanding adhesive characteristics to a range of substrates
  • Can be utilized for UV application levels from 2-100 micron

UV Maintenance Flush

  • Utilized for cleaning commercial ink jet printer heads

Roller Wash and Rubber Rejuvenator

  • Incredibly effective cleaning solution for removing particulates, and adhesives from rollers (chrome and rubber)
  • With daily use it has been shown to substantially increase rubber longevity

Matte Etch Varnish

  • For offset application of matte UV varnish over gloss film to create a spot UV effect

Magnet Rolls

  • Designed to be used with Autobond magnet lamination machines
  • Consists of 2 reels of 315mm (12.4”) wide x 3mm (.012”) thick x 762 m (2500’) long rolls with a release liner and pressure-sensitive adhesive