Multi Bookbinding is the largest trade bindery in Canada that specializes in the production of case binding (also known as hard cover binding). They produce over 7 million books a year. Prints can vary from 100 to 50,000 copies with in-house services such as folding, sewing, laminating, and stamping with various finishes. Multi Bookbinding have offered laminating as a service for years but aging equipment led them to begin to investigate what was on the market. Yvon Sauvageau, General Manager of Multi-Bookbinding explains “We needed to optimize our operations by replacing a twenty year old machine. Considering the current industry delays and the difficulties in supplying electronic parts, we had to change our equipment with the leading technology.”

Their search led them to Autobond in late summer of 2022. After seeing a demonstration on the Autobond Mini 76 TH-PH, a 29.5” wide x 41.73” max format, high speed thermal laminator, it became clear it was the right solution. Oran Gilmore, Director of Sales for Autobond recalls, “Yvon and the personnel at Multi Bookbinding really know print finishing. During the demo they knew all the right questions to ask, had high expectations of the equipment, and never left a stone unturned. But the Autobond Mini 76 TH-PH really seemed to meet expectations.”

Sauvageau continues, “The Autobond will allow us to continue to offer the best to our customers using cutting edge technology while improving our operations and providing our employees with new skills. The equipment itself will take up 45% less floor space than our existing equipment and deliver significant additional capacity for continued growth in our business volume.”

With Autobond equipment installed in numerous locations within a few hours drive of their plant in Shawinigan, QC, Multi-Bookbinding had options when it came to seeing the Autobond in operation. Sauvageau says, “It was easy for us to see the machine in operation with products like ours which then confirmed our decision to purchase.” Both companies eagerly anticipate the coming installation to kick off the New Year. Click here to see a video of Multi Bookbinding’s new Autobond Mini 76 TH-PH in action. Contact Autobond for more information on their range of laminating and ink jet spot UV equipment. Contact Multi-Bookbinding if your company is looking for trade bindery services.