In a post-pandemic market Autobond continues to see interest and receive orders from commercial packaging printers supplying the Consumer Packaged Goods market (CPG), signage printers, POP printers, and even those printers who have begun manufacturing PPE. High end folding carton manufacturers, and other packaging printers serving the CPG market will appreciate Autobond’s high productivity, thin film, industrial laminating machines that can apply a matt thermal laminate, with ink jet spot UV, and/or foiling capability in-line.  

Our commercial laminating machines are also capable of running thick film (3/5/10 mil) laminating required for some signage and POP applications. In addition, we can fully automate the pressure-sensitive applications for the retail market such as window or floor sticker signage.

We continue to support our customers manufacturing for these markets so contact us if you are an end-user or print wholesaler in these markets looking for print partners. If you are a print manufacturer looking to increase productivity or diversify your service offerings with high productivity, high quality, and reliable machinery, contact us today.