Digital printing has been on the rise for several years. In the book market, the pandemic has increased demand for ultra-short to short run books. Adhesion to digital inks, a requirement for quick make ready, and the need to churn jobs out quickly presents unique challenges for the laminating department. 

The Autobond Mini 53 E-TH-CC is specifically designed with digital book printers in mind. With a max sheet size of 53 cm x 74cm (20.75” x 29.5”), it handles sheets from the range of digital press sizes on the market. It has a quick make ready, and with a top speed of 50 m/min (165’ per minute), it can laminate book covers at an exceptional rate of speed. This electrically heated version of the Mini 53 TH does not require water or drain installation and allows the machine to reach operating temperature quickly. Critically, Autobond’s near one inch thick side plates and large fluidic muscles provide tons of laminating pressure. This, combined with outstanding heat capacity, delivers excellent adhesion and lamination quality even on the most difficult digital print. The added flying knife cross cutter (CC) allows for smooth separation of nylon film laminates often used in the book market, ensuring completely flat sheets on delivery.

Several new and existing customers have ordered this new model, with several more in production for 2022. To watch a video of this new laminator click this link. For more information on the all-electric Mini 53 E TH-CC click here or contact us.