Cleveland Menu Printing is a family owned business that has served the hospitality industry since 1930. Today, they provide brands complete menu printing services including graphic design, offset and digital printing, UV silk screening, single and multi-color inserts, offset lithography, lamination, spiral binding, foil stamping, embossing, and die-cutting and more. Cleveland provide outstanding customer service, specializing in delivering the highest quality print services to brands in the hospitality and service industries. Autobond, also a family owned business, connected with Cleveland in 2019. Following a demonstration on the Autobond “Multi 76”, Cleveland quickly made the decision to increase their laminating capacity with the Autobond “Multi” 76 TPE-H. This machine provides Cleveland outstanding laminating capability, increasing versatility and capacity in their laminating department.

With a top speed of 60 m/min (200’ per minute) the Multi is a B1+ portrait (29” wide x 41.73” long) max format, high speed thermal laminator (T), with a perfector (P) for running thin film laminating applications one or two sides in one pass, and thick film lamination, flush cut or edge-seal/encapsulation capabilities (E) all in the same line. Cleveland Menu’s owner, Gerry Ramella, comments, “The time to invest in your business is when everyone else is retrenching. We feel the Autobond machine will provide us with that competitive edge we always seek and produce high quality menus for our clients. A win-win for everyone.”

Check out a brief video recently shot during install of a menu run being encapsulated with 5 mil laminate at over 3,300 SPH. Contact Autobond for more information on the Multi 76 high speed commercial laminator or Cleveland Menu if you are a brand in the hospitality or service industry looking for an outstanding print services partner.