Autobond offers a wide range of industrial laminating machines. The Autobond Mini 76 T-RR is a web fed thermal laminator, with excellent laminating productivity. This format laminator can run up to a 76cm (30”) wide web at up to 72 meters per minute (237’ per min). It can also be manufactured as optional 100 m/min (300’ per min) version. This laminator utilizes the chassis of Autobond’s most widely distributed sheet fed laminator and adds roll to roll or optional roll to sheet capability. It has a modular design to add options such as a perfector, flying knife cross cutter, or embossing station for linen grain or silver halide photo quality finishes. Please see below for more details on the Mini 76 T-RR thermal laminating machine.

1 or 2 sided, web fed, thin film, thermal laminator for medium and long run lengths
Max web width: 76cm (30”)
Max speed: 72 m/min (237ft/min)- optional 100 m/min (300’ per min) available
90gsm (60lb text) to 650 gsm (24 pt)

Quick make-ready
Easy operation
Small footprint
Heavy-duty build quality

Roll Unwind

  • 75mm (3”) or optional 150mm (6”) diameter airshaft unwind
  • Pneumatically braking tension control
  • Feed head processor controlled for accurate under-lap
  • Max roll OD 1.2 meter (47”)


  • Water heated chrome laminating roller
  • Digital temperature control up to 135°C (275°F)
  • Rubber counter-pressure roller
  • Pneumatic nip pressure up to 6 meters tonnes
  • Film mounted on a quick-change inflatable air-shaft
  • Film roll slitting and perforating mechanisms
  • Pneumatic clutch ensures precise film tension

Roll Rewind

  • 75mm (3”) or optional 150mm (6”) diameter airshaft rewind
  • Motor-driven with pneumatically operated tension control

Optional Features


  • Sheets are laminated top and bottom in one pass
  • Rubber counter-pressure roller becomes water heated
  • Additional heated roller, quick-change inflatable air-shaft, and perforating mechanism for 2nd roll of film

Flying Knife Cutter

  • Highly accurate, high speed, servo driven flying knife utilizing disc blade cuts web sheet format
  • Programmable sheet length in HMI or cut to pre-printed registration mark

Embossing Station

  • Additional laminating station with custom pattern emboss roller for silver halide replication for photo and photobook market or linen grain finish for book market

Web Fed Laminator