Autobond offers a wide range of heat laminators. The Autobond Mini 74 SD-T is a quick make ready, extremely versatile thermal laminator. This format laminator can run up to 74cm x 74cm (29” x 29”). It has a modular design to add options such as a perfector, in-line spot UV coating, or an in-line foiling machine. Please see below for more details on the Mini 74 SD-T thermal laminating machine.

1 or 2 sided, sheet fed, thin film, thermal laminator for short and medium run lengths

Max sheet size: 74 x 74 cm (29” x 29”)

Min sheet size: 32 x 22.5 cm (12.5” x 9”)

Max speed: 45 m/min (150 ft/min)

150 gsm (100 lb text) to 650 gsm (24 pt)

Quick make-ready

Easy operation

Small footprint

Heavy-duty build quality


  • Heidelberg-Stahl suction drum
  • Bottom separation, continuous run, top-loading
  • Air inflates the sheets from the sides, allowing them to float on a bed of air
  • Operator replenishes sheets on the run, thus providing continuous feed


  • Water-heated chrome laminating roller
  • Digital temperature control up to 135°C (275°F)
  • Rubber counter-pressure roller
  • Pneumatic nip pressure up to 6 metres tonnes
  • Film mounted on a quick-change inflatable air-shaft
  • Film roll slitting and perforating mechanisms
  • Pneumatic clutch ensures precise film tension


  • Integral bump/burst separator runs in-line
  • Features include adjustable pro-active, anti-curl bar, secondary perforating mechanism, and in-feed hold rollers with pneumatic clutch to maintain web tension
  • Delivery into vibrating wheeled jogger table with under-sheet adjustable air control

Optional Features


  • Sheets are laminated top and bottom in one pass
  • Rubber counter-pressure roller becomes water-heated
  • Additional heated roller, quick-change inflatable air-shaft, and perforating mechanism for 2nd roll of film


  • Lamination of PSA magnet roll onto bottom of sheets
  • Cantilevered air-shaft for quick mounting of magnet roll
  • Inflatable air-shaft for automatic take-up of release liner backing paper

Autobond’s world-class, high-speed laminating machines provide unbeatable high-quality results and consistent performance for decades of use. Visit one of our distributors or contact us to invest in your business with an Autobond lamination machine.