Autobond offers a wide range of thermal laminating machines. The Autobond Mini 36 SD-T is a digital format, quick make ready, thermal laminator designed specifically for digital applications. It has a modular design to add options such as a perfector, in-line UV coating, or an in-line foiling machine. Please see below for more details on the Mini 36 SD T digital format, industrial laminator.

1 or 2 sided, sheet fed, thin film, thermal laminator for short and medium run lengths

Max sheet size: 36 x 57 cm (14” x 22.5”)

Min sheet size: 32 x 22.5 cm (12.5” x 9”)

Max speed: 45 m/min (150 ft/min)

150 gsm (100 lb text) to 650 gsm (24 pt)

Quick make-ready

Easy operation

Small footprint

Heavy-duty build quality


  • Heidelberg-Stahl suction drum
  • Bottom separation, continuous run, top-loading
  • Air inflates the sheets from the sides, allowing them to float on a bed of air
  • Operator replenishes sheets on the run, thus providing continuous feed


  • Water-heated chrome laminating roller
  • Digital temperature control up to 135°C (275°F)
  • Rubber counter-pressure roller
  • Pneumatic nip pressure up to 6 metres tonnes
  • Film mounted on a quick-change inflatable air-shaft
  • Film roll slitting and perforating mechanisms
  • Pneumatic clutch ensures precise film tension


  • Integral bump/burst separator runs in-line
  • Features include adjustable pro-active anti-curl bar, secondary perforating mechanism, and in-feed hold rollers with pneumatic clutch to maintain web tension
  • Delivery into vibrating wheeled jogger table with under-sheet adjustable air control

Optional Features


  • Sheets are laminated top and bottom in one pass
  • Rubber counter-pressure roller becomes water heated
  • Additional heated roller, quick-change inflatable air-shaft, and perforating mechanism for 2nd roll of film


  • Lamination of PSA magnet roll onto bottom of sheets
  • Cantilevered air-shaft for quick mounting of magnet roll
  • Inflatable air-shaft for automatic take-up of release liner backing paper

If you are looking for a commercial laminating machine that will consistently perform for years to come, it is time to invest in Autobond. Visit one of our official distributors around the world or contact us

One Sided Lamination

Two Sided Lamination

Magnet Lamination