Ink jet spot UV varnishing machine can enhance the end product by utilizing spot-printing and gloss UV, creating a beautiful mirror finish gloss. It can do this and add textured effects onto the sheet at high speed. It is also capable of raised UV also known as “digital embellishment,” or “3D spot UV.” In-line foiling options will be available soon.

Available in-line with laminator or off-line with feeder

Machine widths available:

  • Max sheet 360mm – Max printing width 349mm
  • Max sheet 520mm – Max printing width 488mm
  • Max sheet 740mm – Max printing width 697mm
  • Max sheet 1050mm Max printing width 1045mm

Max speed: Up to 60 m/min

  • Variable coat weights from 2 micron to 100 micron dependent on substrate, speed, and application
    Gloss varnish onto matte or soft-touch OPP, or water-based coated print

Resolution: 1 to 7 dpd at 360 or 720 dpi

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