Autobond manufactures the CC 76 and CC 105 flying knife separators as an option to add to any Autobond thermal laminating machine for separation of nylon and polyester (PET) films. They can also be built mechanically and electrically stand alone to run in-line with other manufacturer’s laminating equipment. With sophisticated laser sensors and servo motors, the Autobond flying cross cutter range can run at up to 200’ per minute for high speed separation of the laminated web with pin point accuracy. Please see below for more details on the Autobond CC 76 and CC 105 flying knife cross cutters.

Automatic separation by blade of film and/or print

In-line with laminator or off-line with reel unwind

Max speed: 60 m/min (200 ft/min)

115 gsm (80 lb text) to 650 gsm (24 pt)

  • Servo driven flying knife
  • Available at 76 cm (30”) wide or 105 cm (41”) wide
  • Separation of thin film, thick film, and/or print
  • Cut made to registration mark or to under-lap
  • Single cut flush work or double cut tab work
  • Integral in-line with Autobond laminator or stand-alone in-line with other makes of laminators
  • Unwind mechanism allows separation of pre-laminated reel of sheets, or reel of print, cut to a programmed length

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