In recent years, Autobond has taken the chassis of their range of high speed, sheetfed, industrial laminators to manufacture numerous web-fed (roll to roll and roll to sheet) laminating machines for customers serving various markets including digital photobook printers, packaging, and label printers.
While the markets served by Autobond’s web-fed laminators are wide and diverse, the commercial printers looking for a solution have common needs. Commercial printers and packaging printers running web processes require exceptionally high productivity. With their web fed solutions Autobond can meet this need. To run web-fed lamination pushing 80 to 100 meters per minute (265-300’ per minute) the industrial laminator must have exceptional heat capacity, and the ability to apply tons of pressure, especially for the digital print markets. For the label market, the ability to run thin stocks is paramount. Autobond’s web-fed solutions deliver on all these requirements.
A digital packaging printer in Russia running HP 20,000 presses, recently ordered the Autobond Mini 76 T-RR, a 76 cm (30”) wide roll to roll laminator to meet the production demands of their packaging and labeling production. This machine is capable of up to 72 m/min (237’ per min) production speeds (optional 100 m/min model available). It is quick and easy to load rolls on the pneumatically braking roll unwind, and exceptionally easy to run. The machine can also be equipped with a perfector for those applications requiring two-sided lamination in one pass.
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