Considering any purchase, large or small, in any industry, the key question every buyer looks to answer is how quick is my return on investment (ROI)? In a dynamically changing print industry, executives consider this question at great depth. In designing high speed, commercial laminating machines, ink jet spot UV machinery,  and foiling equipment for the print industry, Autobond has considered a quick ROI as critical in the development of any of our machinery. From our point if view there are several key areas on which we can focus in the design of our laminating machines, ink jet spot UV equipment, and foilers to ensure a quick ROI:

Productivity- every thermal laminator, or ink jet digital embellishment machine we manufacture, is designed with speed in mind. This reduces labor costs, and ensures a quick ROI.

Reliability- any laminating machines we manufacture must be capable of lasting years in high productivity. If our customers spend less money repairing and maintaining our equipment, that enables them to be more profitable for every hour of operation.

Quick Make Ready- if an operator can quickly change between jobs, and set the machine up fast, it decreases the hours of the day the machine is not operational and increases speed of the ROI. So, all of our laminating machines, and ink jet spot UV coating equipment are designed for quick make ready, and quick change overs.

Versatility- The more applications a customer can run, the more value added. We have designed a whole range of machines capable of thin film lamination, thick film lamination, pressure sensitive applications, roller coat UV, ink jet spot UV, or high speed embossing. Often our customers order one Autobond capable of multiple applications, ensuring that one investment, is always running. Take a look at a couple of these multi-functional designs below:

High Speed Laminator with in-line ink jet spot UV/digital embellishment

High Speed Laminating Machine with in-line Embossing