1. Autobond Is Featured in Print Week

    Recognition For a 40-Year Legacy Dedicated to Quality Manufacturing Recently, Autobond and our managing director, John Gilmore, were featured in PrintWeek, the UK source for print-related news and noteworthy subject matter. We are honored to be recognized by other industry professionals. In Today’…Read More

  2. How Do You Ensure a Quick ROI on Capital Equipment Purchases?

    Considering any purchase, large or small, in any industry, the key question every buyer looks to answer is how quick is my return on investment (ROI)? In a dynamically changing print industry, executives consider this question at great depth. In designing high speed, commercial laminating machines, …Read More

  3. Spot UV: The Perks of Going Ink Jet

    There is a lot of buzz in the printing industry over "digital embellishment", "high build spot UV", "raised UV", and "3D spot UV", all different phrases that mean near enough the same thing. But what is it and why is it better than conventional processes? For many years commercial printers have adde…Read More