CT 105

Autobond offers a wide range of laminating machinery. The Autobond CT 105 is a high productivity, extremely versatile, dual function thermal and water-based laminator, capable of one and two sided thermal laminating and one sided water based laminating with in-line drying. This format laminator can run up to B1+ (29.5” x 41.73”) in landscape orientation, increasing productivity on B1 sheets up to 6,800 SPH. Please see below for more details on the Autobond CT 105.

1 or 2 sided, sheet fed, thin film, dual purpose in-line water-based & thermal laminator for long run lengths
Max sheet size: 105 x 74 cm (41” x 20.5”) and 74 x 105 cm (20.5” x 41”)
Min sheet size: 32 x 22.5 cm (12.5” x 9”)
Max speed: 80 m/min (262 ft/min)
90 gsm (60 lb) to 650 gsm (24 pt)


  • Heidelberg Speedmaster feed head
  • Rising pile, back separation, stream feeder
  • Vacuum feed table
  • Servo driven mechanical front-lay registration
  • Max pile height 1.2 m (47”)


  • Dual purpose wet & dry thin film laminator
  • Water heated chrome laminating roller
  • Water-based adhesive is filtered for clog free operation
  • Variable coat weights can be achieved
  • Large diameter heated drum dryer
  • Digital temperature control up to 120°C (248°F)
  • Rubber counter-pressure roller
  • Pneumatic nip pressure up to 6 metres tonnes
  • Film mounted on a quick-change, micro-adjustable, inflatable air-shaft
  • Laterally micro-adjustable film roll trim slitter and perforating mechanisms
  • Pneumatic clutch ensures precise film tension


  • Integral snatch roller separator runs in-line
  • In-built with secondary laminating rollers for double laminating nip
  • Chill rollers to cool laminated web
  • Adjustable pro-active anti-curl bar
  • Secondary perforating mechanism
  • Pneumatic clutch on in-feed hold rollers to maintain web tension
  • Anti-static bar


  • Descending pile delivery
  • Vacuum belt frame table for single sheet or shingle sheet transfer
  • Anti-static bar and additional operating touch screen

Optional Features


  • Sheets are thermally laminated top and bottom in one pass
  • Rubber counter-pressure roller becomes water heated
  • Additional heated roller, quick-change & micro-adjustable inflatable air-shaft, and a perforating mechanism for 2nd roll of film